Yesteryear Vintage Car Run - Julian Eales

24th April 2016

The Yesteryear Road Run is a parade of vintage or classic vehicles that meet in Cottenham and parade round the villages of Rampton, Willingham, Swavesey, Over, Oakington just north of Cambridge.

Most photos one sees are taken in the villages and whilst it's nice to get up close and personal, backgrounds can be cluttered and distracting.I decided to take advantage of the big fen skies and flat landscape (which can be quite boring!) to provide a simple backdrop.  Luckily there was a rapeseed field just outside Willingham and the sun was coming from a side angle...and there were even some clouds.I used a graduated neutral density filter to darken the skies and am pleased with some of the results.

I tried some long exposure, blurred and panned images too but the few I took were just - well "blurred" as I used too long an exposure.

Yesteryear Road Run